Permanent hostname change on RedHat based systems

Permanent hostname change on RedHat based systems

1. Modify host name in /etc/sysconfig/network
2. after step 1 , restart network service using below command
service network restart
3. Modify /etc/hosts file
4. Change the hostname on a running Linux system
On any Linux system you can change its hostname with the command ‘hostname‘.
without any parameter it will output the current hostname of the system
it will output the fully qualified domain name (or FQDN) of the system.
hostname –fqd

hostname NEW_NAME
will set the hostname of the system to NEW_NAME. This is active right away and will remain like that until the system will be rebooted (because at system boot it will set this from some particular file configurations — see bellow how to set this permanently). You will most probably need to exit the current shell in order to see the change in your shell prompt.

5 . Modify /etc/hosts to have new hostname

6. use sysctl to change the variable kernel.hostname:
sysctl kernel.hostname=new_hostname
#sysctl kernel.hostname=NEW_HOSTNAME

7. Modify /etc/hostname with new hostname

8. restart reboot the machine to make and verify changes done are permanently

NOTE: you can reboot at later stage also if you dont want to reboot immediately ,because reboot will help you to verify that changes done are proper
however if you are already in middle of something and cannot reboot machine , so you can just exucte comamnd “hostname ” and see current hostname of machine and it should be new hostname


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