The Role IT & Cloud R&D Plays in Digital Transformation

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We keep hearing everyone and everything is moving into the cloud, are you as well ? if yes, so this article is for you. considering technology disruption every business or organization wants to transform and evolve to address the rapidly changing business, customer requirements and improve customer experience ,this is where digital technologies and digital transformation come into play

As a result, brands/businesses are moving away from “business as usual” and pursuing digital transformation journey to stay competitive , since digital transformation is no longer an option but necessity in this digitally connected world(IoT) to provide seamless customer experience securely, innovatively and at high velocity

Defining Digital transformation: The realignment of or investment in new technology, business models, and processes to drive value for customers and employees and more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy (Source: Altimeter, a Prophet Company)

Various factors drive or influence digital transformation but here we will see how R&D efforts into IT & Cloud & Devops influence digital business transformation

Good Business perform only through innovations which are result of sustained R&D effort. R&D is also responsible for reducing the time to market for new product or service launch.Business exists for the sake of making profits,so the role of R&D in shortening the time to market becomes extremely important

Technology is evolving continuously and at a very rapid pace led by Internet of things(IoT),AI,Blockchain, Mobility,Broadband ,Big data Analytics and Cloud

Digitally connected world bring various demands for various organizations. Thus Digital transformation journey requires three initiatives which can be addressed by IT Cloud and Devops . Below are the 3 initiatives

  • Accelerating innovation and releasing new products/services continuously frequently as opposed to months calling it as Digitized Services Products
  • Modernize IT infrastructure with increased agility, flexibility, management, and security calling it as Digitized Operations
  • Improving customer experience and operational agility to more rapidly adapt to change and calling it as Digital Customer Engagement

All these above three initiatives require close collaboration, proper engagement among various teams , so this requires cultural mindset to have clear visibility among various teams and they must completely understand what is required to make digital transformation journey innovative ,modernized, secured and agile enough to adapt rapidly

Using cloud ,automation and virtualization telecom operators and enterprises can bring unprecedented agility, efficiency in their operations. cloud enables businesses to transform their IT operations so that they can respond to these changing market forces faster, and deliver customer value more effectively, all while containing costs to be more competitive. By transforming to a cloud infrastructure, telecom operators and other enterprises can improve the efficiency in their operations.

Thus when accelerated innovations are happening with adoption of modernized infrastructure tools and cloud technologies then it becomes equally imperative as part of IT and Cloud R&D teams to ensure below few things

  • Devops is not just about high-velocity application releases but at the same time ensuring security of applications , customer confidence ,satisfaction and timely adoption in production
  • With modern DevOps there’s a much closer relationship between the people developing the applications and the people who operate the infrastructure systems the application relies on and the people who test it
  • Security testing gets expensive when tests take too long to run and delay builds being passed or failed or requiring manual intervention
  • Making sure that CI/CD pipelines success rate criteria include some level of application security testing as well
  • Getting proper value from the testing being done as part of CI/CD
  • IT & Cloud teams must set up automated notification process to development team for important vulnerabilities introduced by them , thus issues are easy to fix at initial stage of development
  • Need to avoid technical debt: we must know to first clear our past mistakes and technical debts before we can recover and improve our overall stability and security. Setting enough time for this is important when moving to DevOps
  • Removing Complexity : reducing complexity is at the heart of DevOps as it is the only way to increase velocity and throughput, although complexity is the enemy of security and stability and therefore disliked by all of us
  • Monitoring and Automating Everything : without monitoring we cant measure and improve old KPIs

Conclusion: Role of IT & Cloud is critical in digital business transformation journey to shape the customer experience , at the same time ensuring best DevOps and security practices are followed during R&D period that can help with rapid high-velocity application releases, customer confidence ,satisfaction and timely adoption in production

Source : Image Attributes Altimeter, a Prophet Company



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